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Saturday, October 3, 2009

High Hopes for a Halcyon Hat Trick

The National Novel Writing Month web site is relaunched for 2009 (though I note it's overloaded as I write these words -- wouldn't be NaNo without a few good server crashes, would it?) and I'm reminded by Selestial's recent blog post that it's high time I updated Dragon Dreams with this year's NaNo plans. So here it is: the official "yep, we're doing this for a third time" post.

"Soaring sights of a sophomore scribe" is replaced with "High hopes for a Halcyon Hat Trick" (I'm feeling confident) and I've updated my NaNo profile with the working title of this year's effort.

When I first conceived of "Love on the Rocks" I thought it would be a < 2000 words short story. I worked on it for a couple of days last spring and quickly realized that, to tell the story I wanted, it would need to be much longer. Much, much longer. That's good news for a NaNo effort, but not so much for a story one is hoping to submit to a short story contest, so I shelved Love and got to work on a different story entirely.

I think that, during my realization that Love on the Rocks needs to be a novel-length work, I fleshed out a decent outline for the piece -- but as I've been working on completely different projects in the months since, it's a safe bet that I'll be revisiting those Love notes soon to see just what it is that I have. (I flew by the seat of my pants for my first NaNo and, while I enjoyed the experience, I'm not eager to do it that way again anytime soon.)

I've got a relatively clear schedule for November again this year, so am going for 100K words and a full novel draft. Looking forward to the ride.


Selestial said...

Sounds great, Laura! Do you have more than the title in your profile? (The site is so bogged down these days that I won't even try to go in again until probably next weekend.) If not, toss us more details (here or at KA, I'm not picky :D)

Oh, and thanks for linking my blog! *hugs*

Diane Girard said...

Best of luck with NaNoWriMo. Glad you have a story in mind!

Laura Rainbow Dragon said...

Thanks Diane!

Selestial, only the title is there so far. Will try to get a synopsis added in the next few days.

I've had a few server overload errors on the NaNo site this week, but generally speaking, I think it's been much better than in previous years.

Michelle Muto said...

Ugh! I swore I'd do NanNao this year, but alas... I'm just now winding down on a WIP and November will be my 'downtime' month.