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Friday, November 28, 2008

The Purple Update - A Little Late

I've been so busy organizing things over on my local Wrimos' group blog that I've been neglecting things over here on my personal account of the experience. Oops.

I crossed 50K on the 15th of November -- then promptly took a week off from my NaNo story. It's not finished yet, it's just taking a back seat to term papers and studying for final exams for a couple of weeks. Once I'm finished with school for the term, I'll get back into a good rhythm on the story and expect to have a draft finished by the end of December. Then it's editing time!

As for my ongoing battle with Reliance: it's still nowhere. The latest bill they sent me finally had all of the correct initial charges on it -- plus a late payment fee for my not having paid one of their earlier, incorrect bills, which they'd assured me would be reversed! Renting one's water heater is supposed to be the "hassle-free" way of doing it, no? Anyhow... I've sent them a long letter, detailing all of their many errors, and asking what they plan to do now to make things right with me. No response so far.

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