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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Second Wind

Only a couple thousand words yesterday.

My pace slowed because I had mapped out Act I, which I finished Tuesday night, scene by scene before beginning to write. Act II, however, heading into NaNo, only had the major plot points documented. Other than that, my notes basically said, "the good guys pursue the bad guys and encounter lots of obstacles." In other words: the basic outline of every Act II ever written. So yesterday, I struggled through the first scene of Act II (the protagonist's first date with the love interest -- blagh) and called it a day.

The upside of this story is that I made use of the time I wasn't writing yesterday to make myself a large cauldron of spicy pumpkin soup, a big tray of chicken lasagna and an apple pie. With any luck, I won't need to cook again between here and 50,000 words. Also: I called Reliance (again) and think I may have finally convinced them to send me a bill for the correct amount of money for my water heater rental. (Third time's a charm, right?)

And this morning when I awoke: the next twelve scenes for Act II came to me, just like that. Time to get cracking.

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