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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Script Frenzy

Somewhat after the fact, but...

I participated in Script Frenzy this year and met the 100 page challenge.

I got started late. Had some exams and term papers due the first week of April and consequently didn't even start to think about Screnzy until the 4th or 5th of the month. At that point, I had no plans for a story of my own that I wished to tell in script format, so I mapped out a Babylon 5 fanfic that I'd been wanting to write for a number of years.

My story is large cast and involves a number of crowd scenes as well as some large and involved sets which just wouldn't work shot on bare sound stages in front of a green screen. In short: considering the no-expenses-spared budget the B5 powers that be afforded The Lost Tales, there's not even a pipe dream of ever seeing my story on screen. But I had fun writing it, and it was good to stretch my writing muscles by playing in a different medium for a while.


Julie said...

I wouldn't mind trying to do a script sometime, but my knowledge of how scripts are written is soooooo minimal, I'd end up spinning my wheels. Kudos to you for not only trying it, but winning :D

Laura Rainbow Dragon said...

Thanks Julie.

If you're interested in script writing, there are some great how-to guides and other resources to help you get started over on the Script Frenzy site.