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Thursday, October 25, 2007

As Yet Untitled

The start of novelling craziness is less than a week away.

I have finally found some other NaNovelists in my geographical region.

I posted in the regional forums over three weeks ago, looking for other local Wrimos and last week I sent a poster around to all of the public libraries in my region, inviting other Wrimos to connect with me.

My first response came on October 16th from someone who said she didn't think there were too many of us in this area, but she was and hello. Then today, another forum poster who claims that the NaNoWriMo crowd in our region is alive and well and they have meetings planned -- but then declined to post details of said meetings in the official forums.

Ah well. I have a strong writing team in the metaverse.

The SL Wrimos are 81 members strong as of this writing and still growing. So far, we have two meetings per week planned from now through the end of November and a wrap party (otherwise known as the "Thank Goodness It's Over" party) for the first weekend in December (and, unlike certain of the meatspace regional groups who apparently wish to remain insular and closed to new blood, we do post the times, locations and agendas of our meetings to our thread in the official NaNoWriMo forums as well as in the group notices of our open enrollment Second Life group).

The SL Wrimos even have our own blog! It's not so much a web log in the traditional sense. It's a group story which some of us are creating together -- a bit of craziness about Second Life -- just for fun.

SL Wrimos Team Blog

The SL Wrimos blog/group story doesn't have a title yet. If you hurry, you can help us decide what our title will be. The poll closes in a few short hours and, so far, the competition is fierce. "All My Avatars" has just pulled into a slim 11th hour lead over early favourites "As the Grid Lags" and "Bytes of Our Second Lives" but "The Ruthed and the Restless" is still in the running. Visit our as yet untitled adventures to vote for your favourite and check back often to see what sorts of scrapes Newton Newbie and his friends have gotten themselves into most recently.

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