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Monday, October 8, 2007

Asana 5 - Halfway Lift

(Urdhva Mukha Uttanasana)

NaNoWriMo Sun Salutation - Asana 5
The halfway lift introduces another shift of focus -- just as my NaNovel will have shifts of focus to keep the story vibrant and interesting. (And, considering the invitation to my readers to vote on the next direction of the story, I need to remain open to many, perhaps unexpected, shifts!)

Urdhva Mukha Uttanasana is also a lengthening pose, stretching out the backs of the legs and the entire spine from crown to tail. All of that desk-sitting while I type promotes a tightening and cramping of muscles which need to be released and re-lengthened. Urdhva Mukha Uttanasana irons out the kinks in my body and is symbolic of ironing out the bumps and blocks in my story, leading to a smooth flow of energy and ideas.

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