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Monday, October 8, 2007

Asana 6 - Standing Forward Fold


NaNoWriMo Sun Salutation - Asana 6
Uttanasana is letting go.

I release my breath and allow my chest to fold towards my thighs.

My abdomen is lifted and my legs stand strong, but there is no strain in this pose.

Shoulders relaxed. Neck relaxed. My head hangs freely.

My spine lengthens without force, freely following the flow of gravity as that same gravity flushes my brain with oxygen-rich blood.

Uttanasana reminds me not to force my story. I have a solid foundation. I can allow my characters time to play; time to explore where they might like to go.

Contrivances which stifle need to be released. Breath deeply, relax and write with the flow.

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